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PatMon C3

PatMon: Simulate an ECG monitor on any device

With PatMon, you can easily and affordably simulate an ECG monitor. All common vital signs, curves, rhythm disturbances, and resulting therapies such as cardioversion, defibrillation, and pacemaker stimulation used in emergency medicine and rescue services can be realistically simulated.

You can use our platform-independent web app on any device that supports a web browser (notebook, tablet, smartphone, …).

PatMon C3

The C3 interface of PatMon provides a realistic and practice-oriented simulation for the training of emergency medical service personnel. All key functions of the C3 ECG monitor such as Pacer, Defibrillator (AED and Manual), NIBP, D-ECG, and more are faithfully replicated.

Pro C3
100 €*
per year
150 €*
per year
250 €*
per year
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9 vital signs
semi-automatic defibrillator
rhythm disturbances
manual defibrillator
external pacer
measuring buttons
ECG library
C3 surface
individual development
multiple users
multiple years
* excl. tax

Responsive design

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or PC, you can use PatMon as a web app anywhere, even if your device is a bit older. All you need for the online simulator is a current browser with internet access.

ECG library

PatMon Pro includes a comprehensive ECG library with over 50 different ECGs, including STEMI, OMI, bundle branch blocks, AV blocks, tachycardias, and more. Our continuously expanding collection also allows for the uploading of custom ECGs – ideal for practical training and realistic simulation of internal medicine scenarios.

Rhythm disturbances

You currently have access to 18 different heart rhythms, and more are being added continuously.

Rhythm disturbances

9 Vital signs

PatMon can display up to 9 vital signs.

• Heart rate
• Pulse rate
• Oxygen saturation
• SpCO
• Respiratory rate
• etCO2
• Blood pressure
• Temperature
• Blood sugar

ECG, Pleth, Capno

The three most important curves in preclinical emergency medicine, crystal clear at a glance.




Whether you want to cardiovert, defibrillate, or pace, you can simulate everything with PatMon.

Green electricity

PatMon servers are powered by 100% renewable energy.